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Where do you import your timber cabins from and what are they made of?
40% of the timber Cabin is Imported for Europe, the remaining 60% are brought locally.
Are the cabins engineered?
Yes, every cabin is engineered for your property you are installing on. This will need to be completed for local council approval.
What about white ants, wood rot and fire protection?
All Cabins are treated prior to being packed. The subfloor is H3.2, with H5 Posts. The flooring is Engineered 19mm Termite Treated Flooring, wall frame is H2 70mm treated studs. All Cabins will need to be treated by your local pest controller on completion.
Can I live in my cabin?
Yes, you can if you submit and purchase a Class 1 Cabin.
How long does it take to get the cabin once it’s ordered?
  1. Depending on council approval, all councils have different requirements. On Average it takes 6-8 weeks for council approval.
  2. If the cabin is in stock, within 3 weeks of Council approval.
  3. If cabin is to be Custom ordered, 3-4months from Date of Deposit.
Are they easy to install if DIY?

Yes, if you start off correctly. If you are not level and plumb to start with you will get all sorts of problems at the end when you get to the roof.

Can I design my own?

Yes, but if you are going to custom design you are looking at around a 25%-35% price increase to the closest Standard Design.

How long does it take to build my timber cabin?

All days are calculated having 2 carpenters on site every day.

Class 10: up to 25 m2 is around 4 days.
Class 1: up to 25m2 –is around 7 days.
Class 1: up to 40m2- is around 15 Days
Class 1: up to 70m2 – is around 20 Days

Where and how to I get my new timber cabin?
Our display is at Karrinyup Shopping Centre. We have a 5x5 Maya cabin on Display. We can also complete the paper work via email if you are rural.
Where can I see one built?
Karrinyup Shopping Centre
What preparation am I required to do prior to you building the cabin?
Clear site, does not need to be level. Also our sales rep will come check the site before install or sign up.
Will you come to my country town?
We will travel anywhere in WA. Travel Fees do apply. Please check with one of our sales rep.
Can a cabin be built without council approval?

If under 10m2 yes. Also if 1.0m from the boundary and the wall height is not higher than 2.4m, and the apex no higher than 3.0m.

Who deals with council and other statutory authorities?
If we are constructing the cabin we complete all the approvals.
Are these applications and approvals included in the price?
Yes they are, apart from BAL Assessment (Bush Fire Assessments)
What about electrical connection if we opt for your electrical pack?
Michael our sparky has done about 250 Cabins. Basic LED lighting electrical pack is around $1,960.00 with an aircon point.
How long has Cabins WA been building these cabins?
Cabins WA started in 2011. The idea came from New Zealand. Cabins WA trades under Extra Investments (WA) Pty Ltd. This company also owns Cabins AUS.
How many cabins have Cabins WA supplied to date?
In Western Australia we have built around 400 Cabins.
Are your Cabins modular (You transport and crane in the back yard)?
No, we construct all our Cabins on site. We can supply modular buildings at the client’s request. We need to can our subfloor engineering for the cabin to allow for this.
All your windows and Doors Double Glazed?
Yes, all the windows and doors are double glazed. All our Cabins under 10m2 are single glazed.

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